My name is Ivy and welcome to White Birch Goldens & Ebonaire Flat-Coats. My mom, Quinn was the original matriarch here and she passed the torch on to me along with all her little secrets on how to wrap those humans around your little paw.  I'm now senior golden here at 13 yrs. young and I rule the roost so to speak. Make no mistake about that! Nothing gets by me and everyone heeds my bark or in some cases a well-needed growl. I get all the prime toys, bones and tennis balls. Oh, and did I forget to mention ice cream? The other house dogs listen to ME. The youngsters learn quickly how to respect their elders or ELSE!!!  I and only I, Miss Ivy otherwise known as Munchkin gets to sleep in my masters bed. If I get too crowded in the bed, well my legs do a whole lot of kicking to let them know to move over until I have plenty of room. Or if I'm too hot, well I just huff and puff until someone finally turns on the ceiling fan. Oh and if one of them gets up to use the facilities, well that's just too bad cuz now they've lost whatever space they had in the bed. Time for them to go sleep on the couch and leave me to my comfort. Life doesn't get any better than this.

    Now that we've got that straight, browse through our website. I sure hope you like what you see. We have a lot of lovely Goldens here and oh  those Flat-Coats too!! What was she ever thinking when she brought one of them home.

    Give us a call and come on over for a visit. We love people to visit especially if they bring us some treats to eat. Hint, hint.

    Enjoy and come back soon.

    On Wednesday, February 2nd, 2011 on a very cold winter day with snow, sleet and freezing rain, Ivy crossed over Rainbow Bridge to begin her new journey on the other side. Godspeed sweet Ivy. We will miss you each and every day but we know that some day you will be there to greet us with your smile and wagging tail when we cross over to the other side. Until then Munchkin run free with your momma Quinn and all the others that have passed on before you.